Theme party photo
Drama Bay Murder Mystery Theme Party

Murder Mystery Dinner Theme Party storyline, script, plot and characters written by TheEventess.  Menu, props, costumes and decor organised by TheEventess.

S.S Titannia - Murder Mystery Theme Party

Murder Mystery Theme party set around a casual three course dinner for a group of eight friends.  Theme, costumes, menu and decor organised by TheEventess.

Come dine with me

Based on the popular reality T.V show - TheEventess team set up a competition where contestant duos hosted one evening and attended two.  The contestants where scored on the menu, ambiance, theme and presentation.  It was held over eight consecutive weeks.

Jubilee party

A special event to commemorate the Golden Jubliee of Queen Elizabeth II.  High Tea was served with the addition of jugs of Pimms.  Decor of bunting and Union Jacks arranged by TheEventess.

Mexican Fiesta Event

Birthday party with a Mexican theme.  Costumes, decor, finger food and drinks designed by TheEventess.

Wine Tasting Event

TheEventess organised a blind wine tasting event in collaboration with Little Buddha Bar.  Tasters where provided with expert wine tasting notes and blind tasted a range of Egyptian white, rose and red wines.