Perfect your event with strong pre-event planning

As the saying goes ‘behind every successful man there is a strong woman’. At TheEventess we believe that behind every succssful event there is strong pre-event management. Let us organise your pre event checklist to make sure it is smooth sailing all the way.

Budget Management

Let our team manage your budget. We will give you a realistic assessment of what can be organised for your budget and then we will manage the expenditure to fit your criteria.

Venue assessment & contract negotiation

Let us help you with your dream venue. Just give us an ideal of what you would like; a boat, beach or even a ballroom and we will do our best to find it for you. Then we will negotiate the contract for you, dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s.

Catering and Entertainment acquirement

Our team are happy to organise your event almost anywhere, if you choose a remote mountain top don’t worry, we’ll also sort out the catering and entertainment for you.

Staff recruitment

We can recruit staff for you from Wedding Officiates to waiting staff from DJs to dance performers.

Liability Insurance coverage

We have numerous Insurance company and broker contacts within our network to arrange insurance for your event.