Event logistics are an integral part of any great event


After all there is no special occasion day without special guests and getting them there is all part and parcel of event management.  

Event logistics covers all of those extras which are important in making the day go smoothly.
TheEventess makes sure you get there, your food gets there and the DJ & his decks get there.  We will also cover all the ‘red tape’ which may be legally necessary for certain locations.  All of these essential yet small details will be taken care of; so all you have to do is be the star.


Whether you need a mini-bus, coach, stretched limo, yacht or camel – TheEventess can source and arrange all of your transport needs (subject to availability and local laws).

Transportation of equipment

TheEventess likes to offer alternative and unique venues which sometimes offer a challenge for the transportation of the equipment.  Whether you are up a mountain, or out at sea we can organise the event logistics to transport the required equipment.

Permits & City Council Liaison

Local laws and City Council permits differ from area to area and are sometimes overlooked by inexperienced event organisers.  Nothing spoils an event more than a delay or local law prevention.  TheEventess will check and liaise so that all permits and permissions are acquired before the special day.

Hiring of equipment

Due to our extended local knowledge and network portfolio we have the means to organise the hiring of many types of equipment from furniture to professional sound and light equipment.